Stawley & Ashbrittle Parishes


Greenham Bridge Flooding

Heavy rains can cause some local flooding and the bridge at Greenham to be overcome for a short time.  You can see the state of the river at Greenham as the Guage Station there records the river level in real time.  The water comes over the bridge when the level is at about 1.6 metres.  For a graph of how the river is rising or falling click here and then enter "Greenham" in the search box on the left hand side of the screen.


The 10 Parishes


Although Wellington might be the closer town by disctance the Parish is one of the 10 Parishes of south west Somerset that are centred on another great metropolis; that of Wiveliscombe.  How or why these parishes formed a group is lost in time but the three parishes in the south of the group, Ashbrittle, Bathealton and Stawley are now a sub-group formed through a shared Parish News.


For details of the 10 Parishes' organisations click on the icon below of your choice:

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The history of Stawley and Ashbrittle and the present activities can all be found by clicking on one of the links below:  

History Maps Clubs and Groups

The Shop and School

We are very fortunate in having a shop and  school within such a small parish.  They are located at Appley Cross, TA21 0HH.


The shop is open every day and has a cafe as well as a good selection of necessities.  The phone number is 01823 674361.


The school has an excellent website which will give you full details of what is happening there and can be reached by clicking on their badge above.


Community Defibrillator


We have a defibrillator at the shop.   Although no training is required to use it the following links provide useful information: